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Just a girl with a camera, freezing up the moments as they come.

aclassicdreamer  whispered: Hey, great blog! :) If you don't mind me asking which camera do you use?

Thank you! :) I use Nikon D3000

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  • Anonymous  whispered: hii..i want to start a photography blog as well and just put my pictures out there. I don't really have a tumblr so I was wondering, is tumblr a good place to put your own photography pics up? Is it possible for people to steal your pictures and claim it as their own? How has your experience been overall?

    I personally feel Flickr is best for anyone wanting to showcase their work, it keeps all your stuff at once place and also allows you to learn from others. Tumblr is also great though (it all depends on how much you are into photography), but Flickr enables you to connect with or see other photographers’ work. I’ve had a great experience here so far (though i know of people whose work has been used on other sites w/o their permissions) but if that’s the concern, you can always watermark your pictures :)

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  • masherbrum786  whispered: Salaams, Are we allowed to reblog? If not thats ok I still love your photos. :)

    Walaikumasalam, sure feel free to reblog and thank you! :)

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  • Anonymous  whispered: hey, this might seem like a weird question but i'm new to photography and sharing my photos online. just wanted to ask how you insert your watermark? i like that it's there but doesn't really distract the focus away from the photo. how do you do that?

    You can use any photo editing program, Photoshop is the most common i guess (I use Paint Shop Pro). It gives you the option to add text and to keep the focus on the photo instead of the text, just decrease the opacity of the text (again, the option would be there for you to do so). Adding a watermark is quite easy actually (as long as you wanna keep it simple) and doesn’t require a lot of work…

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  • thandabanda  whispered: awesome stuff :)

    Thank you! :)